Elevate Atlanta: MICROCOSM 2016


Sweet Atlanta Black Simulacrum, 2016

Sweet Atlanta Black Simulacrum is a multi-media installation exploring the concept of the “copy” and re-appropriation of the real. Rooting the work on French philosopherJean Baudrillard’s exploration of the concept of simulacrum structured in a series of representations and moving from the prompt of producing a “copy of the real”, McClodden features her extensive video archive of Atlanta’s Black subculture communities from the years of 2000-2006 when she worked as a freelance videographer in the city to fund her personal film and art work. This work also features McClodden’s longtime collaborator and Atlanta native Danielle Deadwyler who serves as the main protagonist in McClodden’s four part film epic Be Alarmed.

*Three Channel Video, Still Video Images, + Sound.

The Artifact - Sony VX 2000, 2016

This is the primary camera that I used to film while living in Atlanta, GA. All of the images and video was captured from this camera. This camera was previously owned my Atlanta, GA based mentor Larry Steele’s and was gifted to me to pursue my video work in 2004. -T.N.M. 2016

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