CLUB for me is a nod to my start as an artist in clubs as a filmmaker. It was the space where I was able show my work, be paid for my work, and begin to gain an audience. It was the space where I could be my full self as a Black queer woman on the punk scene or in dyke bars. I love the threshold spaces of clubs. The physicality they can push on the body. 

CLUB Program Schedule

CLUB is an exhibition and is on view May 3-26, 2018 | 12-6pm Wed-Sunday

[**Free entry except during special programs + events]

Weds May 2nd 6-8pm

Open to All

Exhibition Opening + Preview

Sat May 5th 12-6pm Open to All

MEET + GREET: CLUB Membership

There will be information provided on the membership card. Memberships are priced at $15 and come with a physical limited edition membership card along with access to a members only email list for the run of show, special events, drinks, and more. Members will be able to buy and pick-up their membership card for the duration of the exhibition. Limited to 300.

Sun May 6th 3pm-6pm | FREE for Members/ $5

THE SET ft DJ Justin Strauss

Tiona Nekkia McClodden will have a discussion with DJ Justin Strauss on the conceptual framework around the creation of his DJ sets. This discussion will be followed by a 60-90 min. set by the DJ.

Fri May 11th 6pm-8pm | FREE for Members/ $3

TALK: An evening with Joe E. Jeffreys

Tiona Nekkia McClodden will be in conversation with Joe E. Jeffreys about his significant collection of Club ephemera focusing on Drag Clubs from the 1950s onward. There will be a special presentation of these archival selections and flyers highlighted within CLUB.

Sat May 12th 6pm-8pm | FREE for Members/ $3

TALK: An evening with Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson

Tiona Nekkia McClodden will be in discussion with Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson (co-founder of Discwoman) on her efforts alongside the Dance Liberation Network which she co-founded to lead the fight in the repeal of The Cabaret Law last fall of 2017. The Cabaret Law was originally used to target black jazz clubs and musicians in New York City and also led to the closure of many frequented LES nightclubs in the early 80s. There will be a multimedia presentation of ephemera documenting Hutchinson’s efforts that will take over the CLUB projectors.

Sun May 13th 3pm-6pm | FREE for Members/ $5


Tiona Nekkia McClodden will have a discussion with DJ SHYBOI on how she thinks about the construction of a DJ Set. This discussion will be followed by a 60-90 min. set by DJ SHYBOI.

Fri May 18th 6-8pm | FREE for Members/$5

MEET + GREET: Papi Juice

Tiona Nekkia McClodden will be in conversation with the team behind Papi Juice, an art collective composed of DJ/producers Oscar Nñ and Adam Rhodes, and illustrator Mohammed Fayaz that aims to celebrate the lives of queer and trans people of color. There will also be a special presentation of ephemera from their parties from the past few years that will take over the CLUB projectors.

Sat May 19th | Members rate $5/$7-$10 for General Public

TAKEOVER: Haute Sauce

Haute Sauce is a Brooklyn-based female collective celebrating black and brown culture by creating spaces that support cultural and creative inclusivity. Tiona Nekkia McClodden will be in a 45min discussion with the ladies behind Haute Sauce to discuss their beginnings as a party, their current mission and where they hope they can take their party in the future.

Sun May 20th | Members rate $5/$7-$10 for General Public [18+]

TAKEOVER: Kink Out ft Yin Q + Mercy Mistress screening

Tiona Nekkia McClodden has invited BDSM educator/practitioner/ritualist and sex work activist Yin Q to screen their web series Mercy Mistress and to take over the space with their BDSM party KINK OUT. No social media will be allowed in CLUB during this takeover.

Fri May 25th 8pm


CLUB welcomes BRUJAS to take over the space as they host their third annual Anti-Prom, as part of Red Bull Music Festival New York. No social media and 18+. Line-up announced soon

Sat May 26th 12-6pm Open to everyone

Closing Exhibition Party/Vinyl DJs/ Artist Talks

12-3 / 4-6pm Tiona Nekkia McClodden will invite a select group of DJs who play exclusively on vinyl to provide the music for the day.

3pm Artist Talk with Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Hassan Rahim, and Jeremy Toussaint Baptiste.

CLUB Membership Card


White boots w/rosed, speakers VHS Video, TRT: 10.49min


White boots w/rosed, speakers VHS Video, TRT: 10.49min

The Structure of My Desire (2017)

VHS Video, TRT: 13:21

This is not being recorded..(2018)

Live video feed.

For Keith at 31 (2018)

31 dozen suspended red roses.

Audio, Variable TRT.

Lost + Found I, II, III, IV 2015-2018

Brown, Boots, Leather jacket,000 Steel Ring, Chain

Lost + Found I, II, III, IV 2015-2018

Mirror #1 “Take me from behind…” (2017)

Used Urinal Flush valves, copper pipes

BLINDER #1 (2017)

Steel, Wood, Black Paint, Bondage tape

Mirror #2 “Look up…”, (2017)

Used Urinal Flush valves, copper pipes

The Whisperer (2018)

Audio, Variable TRT.

[original text with a reading of Lucille Clifton’s won't you celebrate with me + Langston Hughes Song to the Dark Virgin]

CLUB NY Featured Artists;

Hassan Rahim

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

I invited Hassan and Jeremy to show their works within CLUB because they are exploring areas that I am simply not skilled in. I wanted to touch base on music distribution and lighting, sound sculpture and design. They are also artists who actually make work in conversation with what they do for a living and I found an opportunity to highlight both.

Jeremy lit the space for me based on some images and ideas that I had and the experience we share as folks who were and are involved in a punk scene. He does this for theatrical productions and also does sound design for others. Hassan produced all of the graphic design as he is an art director and master graphic designer who is known for an aesthetic that to extends the narrative of what CLUB feels like to me. Hassan also has a shit ton of work that folks have not seen and I wanted to be able to present just a preview for this exhibition.



Artist Statement


Hassan Rahim’s VISION MAN series presents a speculative future ruled by record labels—where music is the medium of all universal politics. In this series, Rahim's works take cues from the dance floors of Detroit and Chicago in the 80s and 90s, where techno and house music were born. VISION MAN exists in a future where these black art forms had not been co-oped, sharecropped and mass produce by non-black musicians. As an artist, Rahim invites viewers to imagine a universe where culture is currency and to consider the great potential of black music forms within that reality. Unlike the seeming peacefulness of an Afrofuturist utopia; the tones and language of life on Planet TR-909X insist upon conflict and an explicit reclaiming of authorship and specificity. In efforts of taking back what was once ours, Rahim uses appropriation as a form of “chain snatching”—blatant thievery enforced to demand authority and reparations and to mark territory.

Rahim is a graphic designer originally from California, now working out of New York. His aesthetic deals in stark, esoteric imagery; it doesn’t recoil from darkness. Often as distinctive and boundary-troubling as he himself is, his work embodies far-flung but carefully steeped influences arranged into thrilling new harmonies. His willingness to forge new aesthetics rooted in but not tied to his own perspective has won Rahim venerable status as a thought leader, specifically among young black artists interested in nuance and subculture. As an autodidact, Rahim’s work is all the more emboldening. His example is part and parcel of a movement which is affecting art, music, and culture in profound ways.

Hassan Rahim

DJ R.I.P. — My Mind Gone (Original Mix) (2016)

India ink, marker, paper, pigment on panel

42 x 42"

The first work created in his VISION MAN series, DJ R.I.P. — My Mind Gone (Original Mix) is a DJ promo version of the inaugural record release on his fictional VISION MAN record label. A graphic designer at his core, Rahim extrapolates techniques specific to music packaging to emulate the physical properties of a record center label.

One may recognize the halftone dots on DJ R.I.P. — My Mind Gone (Original Mix) as a visual similarity to the paintings of Sigmar Polke. In this instance, Rahim doesn’t take inspiration; his intent is outright theft. A primary example of his “chain-snatching” theory, Polke’s “Rasterbilder” technique is robbed and flaunted in plain sight—an attempt to claim new ownership of concepts from artists of the European canon.

Hassan Rahim

Chamber (2016)

Silver Gelatin Print

33 x 37”

Chambers is intended to be the public press image for VISION MAN, Rahim’s fictional record label surrounding. The image is a recurring theme throughout much of Rahim’s work, and acts as the primer for all VISION MAN records, many of them simple variations to this original source image.

Hassan Rahim

DJ PROMO-MAXI (White Label 001) (2018)

Acrylic paint, archival pigment print on panel

42 x 42”

Dubplates—unique individual pressings of a record—were often sent out by electronic music producers to DJs promo copies to play in clubs in advance of their formal release. DJ PROMO-MAXI (White Label 001) explores ways of interacting with the CLUB audience in a physical way. Placed on the floor in a location with high foot traffic, Rahim creates a scenario where attendees inevitably step on the record throughout the duration of CLUB. The pure white surface ensures to record every interaction—and at the end of the event, will be clear-coated, becoming an archive of memories specific to the event.

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Artist Statement

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste is a Bessie-nominated composer, designer, and performer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. In 2014 he received his MFA from Brooklyn College’s Performance and Media program and in 2017 was an Artist-in-Residence at Issue Project Room. Toussaint-Baptiste is a founding member of the performance collective, Wildcat!, and frequently collaborates with performers and fine artists, including Will Rawls, Yanira Castro/a canary torsi, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, and André M. Zachery. He has presented work at the Brooklyn Museum; The Kitchen; Issue Project Room; the Studio Museum in Harlem; Pennsylvania Museum of Art, Philadelphia; FringeArts, Philadelphia; Tanz Im August at Hau3, Berlin; Stoa Cultural Center, Helsinki; among others. 

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Get Low (2018)

Wooden platform, subwoofer, mixer, digital audio player, digital audio file

Get Low is, at once, an object/structure of intimacy and abject submission which is imbued with vibrational pleasure. Amplifying sub-bass tones through a subwoofer which sits atop a platform, as opposed to on a floor or out of sight, creates a resonant structure which recalibrates power dynamics in its embrace of an imaginary where bodies thrive and find pleasure and vibrate from beneath and in the dark.

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Get Low (2018)

Wooden platform, subwoofer, mixer, digital audio player, digital audio file

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste 

Wanna Make Love To You Under The Strobe Light, 2018

Light, Variable Dimensions

"Is that you baby?"


"Got something to tell you"

"Oh, what?"

I want to see you tonight

I want you to walk in the door

I want you to lay on the floor

'Cause tonight's the night

  • B52s, “Strobe Light”

These flickering lights, these fleeting moments of total illumination, insist on states of sustained intimacy, excitement, and presence. The bodies and objects they illuminate allow for an affective polyrhythmic relationship between passion and lust, as differing pulses overlap and fall out of sync.

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Wanna Make Love To You Under The Strobe Light, 2018

Light, Variable Dimensions

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