Vox Populi Gallery

Philadelphia, PA

Surf Club 

Gallery 2

Kameelah Janan Rasheed www.kameelahr.com


3- Digital Chromogenic Prints on Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper, 24" x 30" 

Curatorial Statement: I chose Rasheed’s work in relationship to Timothy Belknap’s selection as a chance to make verbal the feeling of being bound and constrained. I think the work I chose speaks to the current social climate and the demands of respectability politics, and how this “double-binds” African-Americans in the face of prejudices and racial violence. This same societal request for “respectability” is reflected in the microcosm—specifically exhibitions spaces within Philadelphia. I like the works, as they function physically and literally as proclamatory interjections that can stand on their own, able to demand space despite being a part of a larger group exhibition. The majority of the artists within my group have chosen objects, paintings, or photographic-based work, exempt of body, race, or any political climate upon immediate appearance. I feel the juxtaposition is, at once, a deliberate departure from the visual aesthetic set, as well as serving as a metaphor for political unrest against the backdrop of erasure. 

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