Re: Hope & Dread Podast

I’m sharing this excerpt from the talk that I had with the Hope & Dread Podcast in full. The errors that occur in my segment of this episode is predicated by the thesis of the producer’s intro; 

Museums may feel the temptation to craft simple narratives, believing them to be more digestible for audiences; but most artists don’t want their work reduced in that way….

This excerpt is from Aug 9, 2021. This excerpt will exist here online for it to be heard + read in full to reaffirm my identity + its relation to this specific work.. No one has the right to edit or obscure that core. I’m aware that my autism, this aspect of my identity doesn’t exactly read as “visible” as I often have to disclose it. The work centered in this podcast, THE FULL SEVERITY OF COMPASSION  does not exist without me being an autistic person. I know some folks can’t hold all that I am at once, as I have to do so daily,  but you will not create a new language over mine.

I have rarely addressed my autism. However, I think with my initial disclosure in 2019, there is a lot of responsibility in that + I won’t allow that aspect of who I am to be cut from me or my work if it’s centered.

*errors. I was born in Blytheville, Arkansas. I grew up in Greenville, SC as I stated. Reducing the work to just this element of a “last embrace before violence and slaughter” is sensationalist. The New Museum G&G didactic was the best ever written for a work of mine. My artist statement on this work in 2019 - is solid. The narrative intro language does the EXACT thing this podcast is addressing.

I’m not doing any more of the art press quotes anymore. I will ONLY have one-to-one dialogues with the right people from here on out. There are many media outlets who are now attempting to be critical + bold about the art world/industry through those of us who have always been stepping that way + in that position with more to risk. These initiatives are often led by white people who want to signal a particular edginess that they inherently do not possess. 

The press or even a podcast can also be an institution. So my question is - are you dealing with your own complicity within your own thesis?


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